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Oct 21, 2018

Autumn and Knitwear Essentials for November’s No1 Event:

Every year around this time, the team at Smart Turnout relish in the knowledge that the 5th of November is fast approaching. The days draw in and the temperature falls. Autumn is at last underway, and the smell of oaky bonfires graces our nostrils. With a biting chill in the air it is certainly time that the Gentleman learns to embrace the cold and invest in some knitwear essentials to see him through the crisper months. Too often, style is lost in the bid to remain snug and that, our friends, simply won’t do!

Outdoor image of a fashion male model wearing bow tie in the woods

Remember Why…
Bonfire Night is a true indication of Great British spirit. Turning its morbid history as one of the most treacherous plots in UK history, in to a celebration of Britain and its ability to prevail in even the bleakest hour. In 1605, Guy Fawkes himself was famously arrested for conspiring to blow up the House of Lords. Consequently, since then, Britons have gathered annually to burn effigies of Fawkes in celebration of the plot’s unsuccessful end. Over the years, the skies on the 5th of November have been illuminated by the wonderful multicoloured hues of dazzling fireworks and as a result the evening has become somewhat of a social occasion. The night is enjoyed by families and friends, who gather across all corners of the UK. Amongst the Catherine Wheels, Rockets and Fountains, it has become increasingly difficult to truly steal the spotlight.

Remember How…
The British gentleman, as ever, should come to Bonfire Night prepared. What with Bonfire Night being of such historical significance, is an opportunity to come dressed to the nines.

Looking to stand out amongst the bustling crowds? Longing for socks that will complement the bonfire? Frustrated at neighbours admiring the fireworks rather than your matching hat and scarf? Then you have come to the right place. Below are some go-to men’s knitwear essentials , that you should endeavour to remember, remember, this 5th of November:


Smart Turnout Made in England Knitwear Essentials Cricket Sweaters

All of our British Cricket Sweaters are made to order and handmade in England from pure wool. This darker, navy sweater is the perfect thickness for facing the autumnal night, promising to keep you warm without compromising your undoubtedly dapper outfit. The sweaters themselves belong to a tradition just as old as Bonfire Night and are one of our knitwear essentials. A timeless piece for any British gentleman’s wardrobe.

Our sweaters come in a range of Autumnal colourways and available to purchase on our site.


This double thickness, hand pressed, Saxony wool scarf will certainly attract admirers. Enviably cosy, this scarf has been made in the Harvard University colours. The dark burgundy will be right at home amongst the autumn leaves and the amber flames, while the white provides a crisp accent. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to have a warm evening on the 5th, this scarf will look just as good hanging loose over your shoulders.


Smart Turnout Argyll Highlanders and Royal Navy Cotton Socks

Understanding the importance of even the smallest details, we at Smart Turnout believe that perfect socks are critical. The Argyll & Highlanders socks, made in a high-quality cotton poly mix, provide the ultimate comfort whilst continuing the traditional autumnal theme of your accessories. Above all, the regiment’s colours – navy, yellow, dark green, and red – should match everything from the field below to the fireworks above.

Similarly, the Royal Navy equivalent, made up of thicker, accented stripes of navy, red, and white, epitomise British tradition. Whichever you choose, you are certain to outshine even the burning Fawkes. Feel free to follow our lead and check out our other autumnal favourites for essential men’s fashion.

Make this November 5th one to Remember.

We hope you have acquired some new ideas on which knitwear essentials are crucial for the season. Finally, please comment below what you would wear to smarten up your Bonfire Night, we love to hear your own personal styling tips.

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