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A note from the field


June 12, 2019

Picture the scene: Your Wedding Day has finally arrived. You feel fantastic from head to toe. Hair is coiffed to within an inch of its life. Your bespoke, blue Italian suit complements a starched white collared shirt, with personalised cufflinks gifted to you by your Best Man. Dark brown belt. Shoes are a simple brown brogue. And nestled neatly into the sole of each shoe are your stylish, comfortable, BOLD RED and YELLOW alternative Wedding socks!

Because aged dull grey socks do not a stylish groom make.

We are gathered here today to talk about alternative Wedding socks…

Alternative Wedding Socks by Smart Turnout

Whether your Wedding Day takes place in a lavish country hotel or a muddy tent on a festival field, this is one day that is all about you. It is a day dedicated to your shared love, style, tastes and personality as a couple and even the smallest details can create the biggest memories.

We think a Wedding sock should be something special and surprising – a bit like a complimentary upgrade to business class when at the airport for your honeymoon.

When you take a seat, have a dance or move in a way that reveals your lower leg to your Wedding guests, a statement sock can add a bit of fun and character to your Wedding outfit, especially if you’ve gone traditional on the suit front.

Do you take this striped sock?

Men's Striped Wedding Socks by Smart Turnout

Pictured: Royal Navy Fine Gauge Socks

When it comes to choosing a design for your alternative Wedding socks, we always favour a simple stripe. What’s great about incorporating a striped sock into your Wedding attire is that you can combine the colour scheme of the Wedding or a hue that matches your suit with something altogether BOLD, such as a fluorescent pink, radiant red, gorgeous green, or even a sunny yellow.

For better or worse…weather

Smart Turnout Thick Knit Striped Socks

Pictured: Royal Air Force Striped Socks

We’d also suggest contemplating the thickness and material of your alternative Wedding socks – don’t make the mistake of assuming that one size fits all. Winter Weddings call for a thick warm cotton sock to keep you on your toes. Whilst a Summer Wedding begs for a fine gauge styled sock so you don’t spend the day sweating from your soles!

Till death do us party

On the day of your Wedding, you’ll be on your feet a lot. A comfortable cushioned alternative Wedding sock can make all the difference, so don’t skimp on quality when you go sock shopping.

Smart Turnout Brogues with Striped Socks

Pictured: Household Division Striped Socks

Many grooms don’t even think about their Wedding socks and simply pluck some old faithfuls out of the sock drawer on the morning of their big day. But, if you’re planning to stand during your ceremony, walk around greeting guests at the reception, pull some impressive shapes on the dancefloor and spend the early hours propping up the bar with your new partner and closest friends, you’re going to need some serious support in the footwear department!

It’s worth buying your Wedding socks before you purchase your footwear so you can make sure they’re the perfect thickness for your chosen shoe. Cramming your foot into a too tight shoe due to a thick sock, or spending the day slipping thanks to a thin Summer stocking is not our idea of Wedding Day fun!

By the power vested in us…

We now pronounce you sufficiently schooled in the science of alternative Wedding socks!

And if you’re looking for a fabulous deal on your Wedding attire, Smart Turnout can help you find the perfect accessories for your special day at a very celebratory price.

Get 3 pairs of socks for just £39 and a free pair of socks with your order of anything on the Smart Turnout website for a limited time!

Visit https://www.smartturnout.com to get shopping.

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