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Back to School Essentials: The Ultimate Survival Guide

August 30, 2019 – Back to School Essentials

With the remnants of Summer slowly lingering away and the memories of heatwaves a distant dream, we are reminded that September is approaching all too quickly and University beckons. But, fear not, yes not much excitement can be summoned for lecture rooms and campus lunches, but as school nears so too does a new wardrobe – and that’s certainly something to usher excitment.

Preppy dress has been at the forefront of Smart Turnout’s vision since its inception in 1999. Often taking inspiration from age old traditions and classic campus dress codes. Think collegiate scarves and on-trend leather satchels. Since then the collection has grown to suit a modern audience with classic sport and Ivy League style still very much at its heart.

Philip Turner of Smart Turnout's Grandfather at Eton

Here at Smart Turnout we know school can be tough. So we’ve put together the ultimate survival guide, packed with all your back to school essentials. Just in time to have you feeling good, but looking even better…


Timekeeping, the age-old key to surviving school. Get to where you need to be when you need to be…and get out as soon as possible. There’s no better way to be on time than with a brand-new timepiece. Our Varsity watch is the newest addition to our collection and offers a sporty aesthetic whilst always remaining precise. Inspired by the lines on sports fields it merges minimal style with off-duty cool. At an affordable £99, it won’t break the bank, leaving a few extra pennies for a much needed pint. That leads us onto our next essential to surviving that first week back…Money Management.

Smart Turnout Varsity Watch Back to School Essentials

Money Management:

Ah, ‘money management’ a phrase most students wince at. Ensuring your student finances see you through the term is a pivotal part of school existence. Juggling a social life, accommodation and the soaring inflantion rate of a Cadbury’s Freddo can be daunting. Don’t fret, we have you covered. Our new cardholders offer a snug little haven for that card of yours, and just £39 they are ideal for students, offering function but not least style! Kitted out with 5 full-size card slots and crafted from soft textured leather they are lined with pigskin for a luxurious touch. The addition of the colourful striped tabs offers a unique touch and a splash of colour. 

Smart Turnout Card Holder Back to School Essentials

Team Spirit:

Sticking together really is the crux of successfully surviving University life. You’re all in the same boat, so remember the more the merrier. Whether it’s joint projects, late nights at the library, or blowing off steam at the local pub, you are all in it together. So it makes sense to want to show a little team spirit. Our collection of cricket sweaters and collegiate scarves can be a great way to show your school pride or just to stay warm during the long fall and winter days, all while maintaining the smartest of turnouts.

Smart Turnout Cricket Sweater Back to School Essentials

Keep Your Feet on the Ground:

Remember, as much as University can be fun and games, you actually want a degree at the end of it…we hope. Make sure to keep your feet firmly on the ground and remember why you’re there in the first place. Study hard and reap the rewards! Seeing as your feet will play a big role in this step (no pun intended), always ensure that both you, and them, are on top form. Our extensive range of socks caters to the needs of any budding scholar. Our fine gauge socks are perfect for gracing your ankles on days that require a suit, thin enough to fit comfortably with a pair of brogues and colourful enough to induce some fun. For your casual days our thick knit socks, made here in England, are simply a cut above the rest.

Pack Up Your Troubles:

As the wartime song goes, ‘pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag’. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Remember that nothing is permanent, and pretty much everything can be resolved over a friendly pint. So, to any new starters – try and enjoy yourself as much as possible and take each day as it comes. With the burdens of school life, your belongings shouldn’t be weighing you down as well. Throw your essentials into one of our military style backpacks to get you looking good and ready for the day’s battle. One of our newest arrivals, and a staff favourite, these charming bags are a thing of beauty. This backpack boasts a 20 litre capacity that would give Mary Poppins* a run for her money. Trimmed with aged oak leather and available in both classic navy and racing green, they ooze vintage style and a timeless preppy aesthetic.

*Disclaimer: Will not fit large hat rack, standing lamp, or large house plant inside

Smart Turnout Backpacks Back to School Essentials

That’s all from us. We hope our survival guide has you well equip and well presented. Good luck for the big day, comment below if you have any back to school essentials of your own.


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