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April 3, 2019

A look at Alpine Classique from through the eyes of Daniel Hovarth…

Who is Daniel Horvath?

Daniel Horvath wears Smart Turnout Army Rugby socks at L’Alpine Classique 2019

A jack of all trades, Daniel Horvath hails from Budapest and worked as a musician for more than 27 years. Three years ago, he put music to the side to follow his passion for photography, fashion and, finally, impressive beards. Making waves in the fashion community, Daniel documents his travels on his Instagram page @danielhovarthofficial. His beautifully curated feed is a nod to his photographic genius, combining gritty, raw imagery with hints of vintage flair. However, Daniel isn’t shy of the other side of the camera, frequently making appearances as a beard model in movies and tv shows alike.

This March, Daniel travelled to Chamrousse in France for the 5th edition of Alpine Classique. A winter sport and fashion event that sees vintage enthusiasts come together donning garments inspired by the early ’30s to the late ’60s. A sensory overload consisting of classic cars, powdered pistes and very dandy ladies and gentlemen.

We caught up with Daniel to find out more about him and his experience at Alpine Classique.

Daniel Horvath on Motorbike wearing Smart Turnout Cricket Sweater

ST: Attending an event such as Alpine Classique suggests you are a fashionable chap yourself. How would you describe your personal style?

DH: I would say my style is a blend of vintage and modern. I like the dandy style and vintage look; however, we don’t have many vintage stores here in Budapest. For that reason, most of my clothes come from independent retailers that I happen to stumble upon. I visit Pitti Uomo frequently and the first thing I do is visit the shops and stock up on new clothes. As well as that, I have some designer pieces that I like to mix into my wardrobe.

ST: Wow, that sounds like a beautiful mix of styles, you would love it here in London where vintage shops are plentiful. Do you think you take your style inspiration from anyone in particular?

DH: I don’t have a specific style icon. As a street style photographer, I am constantly surrounded by fashionable people that truly inspire me – no matter if they are famous or not.

Daniel Horvath with Signs at L'Alpine Classique

ST: That’s a great outlook to have! We’re finally heading into the Summer months; do you have any essentials you will be reaching for this Summer?

DH: I am rather fair skinned and have an allergy to the sun which means that even in the Summer months I always opt for long-sleeved shirts and trousers!

ST: Well you always look very stylish. You have a few pieces from our collection; what would you say is your favourite Smart Turnout piece?

DH: The cricket sweaters for sure! I first saw them on my great friend Loux the Vintage Guru. He let me try his on and after that, I fell in love and had to have one of my own. I am also a huge sock fan, so I am a sucker for the socks as well.

Alpine Classique

Mountains at L'Alpine Classique

ST: So, let’s talk about Alpine Classique. It’s safe to say the office were very jealous that you got to attend! Can you tell us some more about the event?

DH: Sure, it is basically the Winter alternative to Pitti. Stetson was this year’s main sponsor and they kindly invited me to join them. When I first saw the video online, I thought that it was a Stetson commercial, but it wasn’t, it was a real event! It was simply unbelievable, everyone was dressed in fashion from the 30s–60s. Many of the attendees were true vintage old timers. I had a chance to sit and chat with everyone, it felt like you were in a Poirot movie.

Event Goer at Alpine Classique

ST: It really does sound like something out of a movie. I assume it was your first time visiting?

DH: Yes, that is right.

ST: Did you have a favourite moment from the event?

DH: Yes. Just chilling in the back of an old Pontiac and watching the world through its windows. Looking at the mountains and the sunrise whilst taking in the fresh air of the Alps. It was nice to just listen to the sound of the old car and stories about times past. Unforgettable Moments!

Daniel Hovarths Pontiac at Alpine Clasique

ST: How about fashion moments, what was your favourite look that you wore?

DH: Unlike Pitti it is only a two-day event so you don’t get to go through many outfits. I loved my look on the first day, it was a classic, all-white look.

Daniel Horvath in Smart Turnout Cream Tennis Sweater

With Daniel’s favourite look from the event featuring our iconic cricket sweater, it is safe to say that they are on their way to taking over the world. If you want to shop our full collection of sweaters we have plenty to offer HERE. In the meantime, comment below if you will be attending the next Alpine Classique!

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