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Sep 28, 2018

Who is Nicola Cappiello?

Describing himself as both a business man and a young gentleman, we couldn’t agree more with Nicola Cappiello. Making a name for himself in the world of fashion, his eccentric yet timeless style is a refreshing fusion of old school elegance and modern trends. Born and raised in Italy, Nicola is one of our long standing brand ambassadors who is an advocate for how iconic British style can meet with Italian flair. Our star influencer for the month of September, we caught up with Nicola to find out where he gets his inspiration from.

Here’s what happened when we met with the print connoisseur…

ST: So Nicola, you certainly have a unique sense of style. How would you best describe your taste to someone who has never met you?

Nicola: I would say that my style is a mix between modern and classic. It is very close to the Dandy or better, today’s Gentleman!

Nicola Cappiello Wears Smart Turnout Braces in Style Yale and Regiment of Scotland

ST: A perfect description, we think! Having said that, with your knowledge of the fashion space, what do you predict will be the must have accessory for Gentlemen this A/W?

Nicola: For me, the accessory that never fails in my wardrobe during the Autumn/Winter period are the stand-out socks. I absolutely love to wear these under both classic and vintage clothes.

ST: Could not agree more. We love a good pair of socks here at Smart Turnout, as you know we have a great deal to choose from. The team have been wondering, your style is so unique, do you take inspiration from anyone in particular?

Nicola: My source of inspiration is without a doubt the great ‘lawyer’ Gianni Agnelli. I adore his style. That being said, the person who really brought me closer to the world of male fashion is his grandson, Lapo Elkann – one of the most elegant men in the world.

Gianni Agnelli Inspiration in Fashion and Style

ST: Two great style icons, now we know your secret! You always seem to be networking at events with other stylish folk. Do you plan to attend anymore events in 2018?

Nicola: I hope to take part in many events. I will certainly be present at Pitti Uomo and Milan Fashion Week. I would also like to try and participate in other events involving both the fashion and entertainment sectors. These are the industries I am most passionate about.

ST: Ah yes, we see you are accustom to the world of television, so that explains the entertainment side. We hope you will be wearing your best Smart Turnout accessories? What are your favourite pieces from the collection at the moment?

Nicola: My favourite pieces from the Smart Turnout collection are without a doubt the watches and braces (or suspenders, for our friends across the pond), I use them constantly!

Nicola Cappiello wearing Smart Turnout Signature Watch Rose Gold with Suit

ST: Glad to hear that, they are some of my favourite pieces also. We are actually planning to launch a new watch that is made in England, I am sure you will love it. I’ve been meaning to ask, have you visited London before?

Nicola: Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of visiting London, but I intend to very soon.

ST: Well, we can’t wait to show you around. Finally, what is the one trend that you are most excited about this season?

Nicola: My top trends for the Autumn and Winter seasons are almost always the same. I adore the fabrics of Lana and Cashmere mixed with classic and eccentric patterns.

ST: We can certainly aide in the pattern department. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to speak with us today. We look forward to having you as a brand ambassador long into the future to see how you style our new collections.

Nicola Cappiello wearing Smart Turnout Master Watch with Autumn trends

Nicola Cappiello is this months star ambassador. If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador you can use the contact form on our site to get in touch.

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