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Aug 7, 2018

Cufflinks are thought to have been around since the 17th century. Over the years they have served many purposes, not only are they functional but they have, and still do, serve as a sign of style, status and identity. For these reasons, many choose to opt for cufflinks that embody their passions or show pride in a certain organisation that they connect with. Our cufflinks offer you an opportunity to proudly display the colours and emblems of your school, university, or regiment on your sleeve. They also offer an inarguably more personalised approach than the humble button.

Smart Turnout Regimental Cufflinks on Display in Piccadilly Store

Below are five of our most interesting pairs, both for regiments and organisations.

5. Royal Navy Regimental Cufflinks – £49.00

Smart Turnout Royal Navy Enamel CufflinksThe Royal Navy cufflinks provide an effortlessly bold look and are one of our best selling products. The crest of the Royal Navy may appear to the untrained eye as just a simple crown, but take a closer look and the crown comes alive with the sails and hulls of large ships and boats. It is believed that the crowns original design was born from the idea that the sails represented our British naval ships that appeared as small entities alongside the larger ships of the Spanish Armada. The Spanish Armada’s ships are depicted here by the large ship fronts that nestle between the sails. The crest shows that although we bared a smaller naval fleet, our heart and tenacity propelled us to become the largest navy for over 3,000 years. In the classic colourway of reds and blue, these regimental cufflinks can be worn with almost any suit or shirt.

Shop Royal Navy Enamel Cufflinks HERE


4. Royal Marines Cufflinks – £49.00

Smart Turnout Royal Marines Navy Regimental CufflinksThe Royal Marines cufflinks are one of the most intricate of all the regimental cufflinks we stock. The crest of the Royal Marines is compromised of 7 elements, all with significance and each representing something pivotal to the Marines detailed history. The seven elements are as follows: The lion and crown, Gibraltar, the great globe, the laurels, the fouled anchor and ‘per mare per terram’. Take for example the great globe, a stunning addition to the crest. The globe is said to represent the Marines undeniable success across all corners of the globe. Some elements like Gibraltar represent significant triumphs for the RAMC, and some like the anchor are a nod to the overall DNA of the corps. Finished in the recognisable blend of red, navy, green and yellow the cufflinks are a fantastic way to show your affiliation on the edge of your sleeve.

Shop Royal Marines Cufflinks HERE


3. Royal Artillery Enamel Cufflinks – £49.00

Smart Turnout Royal Artillery Red and Regimental cufflinks

Most striking about the Royal Artillery Cufflinks is the unique zigzag that runs through the enamel in the regimental colours of red and navy. This is unlike any other style of cufflink on our website and strays from the more traditional diagonal lines seen on most styles. The zigzag line was first introduced on the Regimental Ties of the Royal Artillery and has rarely appeared on other merchandise. Here at Smart Turnout we found the zigzag both iconic and endearing. We made it our mission to include this on our cufflinks. Legend has it that the line actually represents a lightning bolt. This lightning bolt is said to have struck and ultimately killed the pagan Dioscorus. It is believed that this came as a form of retribution for the earlier beheading of his daughter St Barbara (The Patron Saint of Artillery) for refusing to marry within her religion. One of our most intricate cufflink designs, this pair depict the crest of the Royal Artillery. They also feature its motto ‘Ubique Quo Fas Et Gloria Ducunt’ which translates to ‘Everywhere That Right And Glory Lead’.

Shop Royal Artillery Enamel Cufflinks HERE


2. Royal Air Force Regimental Cufflinks – £49.00

Smart Turnout Royal Air Force Regimental CufflinksGaining the silver medal in our top 5 is our Royal Air Force cufflinks. The Royal Air Force’s badge features an Eagle superimposed onto a circlet which is surmounted by a crown. The badge was originally designed by a tailor from Saville Row. It was first used back in 1918 and was then revised in 1923 when it was registered with the College Of Arms. The reverse of the cufflink features the traditional Royal Air Force light blue alongside strong navy and red tones. Light and bright, these cufflinks are a beautiful addition to a linen summer suit.

Shop Royal Air Force Enamel Cufflinks HERE


1. Princeton University Cufflink – £49.00

Smart Turnout Princeton University Enamel CufflinksAnd the winner is…. The Princeton University Cufflink! These beautiful cufflinks feature the historic colours of Ivy League University, Princeton. The iconic orange and black colours go back as far as 1867. The colours were first used against fellow Ivy League school Yale during a basketball game. The front of the cufflink displays the beautiful Princeton shield with the open book depicting the Old Testament. Below is the universities motto Dei Sub Numine Viget, which translates to Under the Protection of God She Flourishes. Overall despite strong competition, we feel the beautiful mix of orange and black combined with Princeton’s elegant crest is enough to win our heart and the top spot!

Shop Princeton Cufflinks HERE


Let Us Know Your Favourite…

Let us know what you think of our ratings as well as your own top 5 regimental cufflinks rankings! Regardless of individual preference, there are styles to suit everyone with the colourful and bold cufflinks being a more exciting option than a button! I mean, who can get excited about a button?

We make all of our enamel cufflinks here in the UK. They are gilt plated, enamelled and hand finished to ensure the best quality design and durability. You can opt for the more traditional chain fastenings or go for the more modern T-Bar method. The T-Bar method is also commonly known as a bascule fitting!

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