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Spooky or Sweet: What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

October 4th, 2019 – Halloween Guide

The crisp bite in the air, the familiar crunch of dried leaves under your feet, and the sudden craving for pumpkin spiced lattes can mean only one thing…Autumn is here! With Autumn comes Halloween and with Halloween comes the pressure of picking the perfect costume. Let’s face it, you want to impress everyone with an outfit that highlights your wit, enthusiasm for a good time and knowledge of cultural references, but most importantly it should be a reflection of you. So, let’s take a quick look at some of  the most popular costumes this year and what they may say about you…and your tastes.

Stranger Things:

 Stranger Things

Who: You are a fan of movies especially the classics like Stand by Me and The Goonies.  You have had the same group of friends since childhood and your best memories are made when you are together; from building forts as kids, to nights out and trips to Budapest. Granted, you tend not to get into the kind of trouble that requires telekinesis…anymore. Although it could be helpful when running late and the train doors start to close on you.

You enjoy reading about conspiracy theories, and often ask yourself questions like, ‘What really happened at Area 51?’, ‘Does the Loch Ness Monster actually exist?’, and lets not even get started on Stonehenge.

Candy of choice: Foam Bananas

Type: Spooky + Sweet

Product for you: Backpack- always on the go you need a bag that holds it all as you never know what the day will bring. Function and fashion.

Smart Turnout Backpacks Back to School Essentials

Hocus Pocus:

Hocus pocus

Who: Larger than life personality and with a flair for the dramatic. Halloween is your favourite holiday and you’re a sucker for anything fall….mostly the fashion! Tis the season for chunky jewel tone scarves and a hot brew.  You enjoy nights in with a good book and working out a good recipe, but when you hit the town you are sure to bring along your two closest friends (some may even go so far as to call you sisters) and a plan for mischief.

Candy of choice: Jelly Babies

Result: Spooky

Product choice: Coordination is key! The same goes for fashion and time keeping, that’s why the Brunel watch with the burgundy leather strap is the perfect product for you.

Brunel Watch



Who: You are a bit of an attention seeker and love the sound of your own name. Often misunderstood, your intentions are good, and although you try to be helpful a lot can be said about your delivery. A man with eccentric tastes, you’re not afraid of making bold fashion choices.  You have a style very much your own that has become part of your identity. Tired of the life of a bachelor you are ready to settle down with someone who has a similar disposition. Word of advice – don’t rush into anything or you might end up scaring her away.

Candy of choice: Humbugs

Result: Spooky

Product: You have a definitive style and a slight obsession with stripes. But-hey when it works it works! We would suggest a scarily good set of striped socks.

Striped socks

Harley Quinn:

Harley Quinn

Who: Let’s face it, you’re a bit of a mess and that’s ok! You seem to have it all together. You march to the beat of your own drum and are not really sure what you want to do with your life just yet.  You have a tendency to fall for bad boys. Your style is Bubble-gum Goth; flirty and frightening at the same time.  You are confident and know how to stand up for yourself in a sticky situation. Many people find you intimidating, but you are just misunderstood. Really you have a marshmallow core.

Candy of choice: Liquorice All Sorts

Result:  Spooky + Sweet

Product: A person as spontaneous as you requires variety. Never knowing what mood will strike, you need a watch that changes personality just as quickly as you do. The Master watch Day to Night gift set should have you covered.

Sherlock Holmes:

Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch

Who: A cool and classy guy with an air of mystery. Too smart for your own good, you tend to know the answer before the questions even been asked and are quick to remind everyone of this talent. You prefer your own company and only allow a limited amount of people close to you. Considered difficult, people tend tolerate you because of your genius.  Always found with your nose in a book or missioning around London. You are a gentleman with a style unique just to you.

Candy: Peach Rings

Result: Sweet

Product: With a penchant for wool and traditional English style we would suggest our Chandler Wool Bow tie and a Shackleton Watch with Grey Wool Strap.

Wool Bow Ties and Watch





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