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November 15, 2018

Tweed could certainly be described as the honey of the fashion world, with its non-perishable properties and its ability to all too often sit in a cupboard until you realise how much you’ve missed it. Durable, but most importantly timeless, tweed has lived through years, decades, centuries, and yet remains a staple for Gentlemen across the globe. That is why, here at Smart Turnout, we have launched our very own line of heritage tweed straps in 4 classic colourways. The straps will offer a way to incorporate the rural character of tweed into your everyday outfit choices.

Smart Turnout Tweed Watch Strap Flatlay

Tweed cloth is renowned for its bucolic charm, with it being the fabric of choice for almost every country sport. Shooting, fishing, you name it, the sheer warmth and quality of it makes it a sure-fire bet for any outdoor sport where getting damp is likely; not uncommon when you hail from the UK. In fact, the colours synonymous with the cloth, including browns and greens, are influenced directly by the landscapes of Scotland and Ireland where tweed first originated. In recent years our old friend tweed has certainly seen a more current and unique revival. Now seen combined with modern cuts and forms it has been given a new lease of life, transforming it from a practical material to the textile of choice for designers and stylists alike.

When it comes to wearing tweed there is more than one way to skin a cat – or shear a sheep for that matter. There are many things to take into consideration including colour, pattern and occasion. Most commonly tweed is tightly woven in herringbone, check or a simple flecked finish. Each pattern lends itself to different occasion, with a simple flecked tweed being most versatile and a great accent to an otherwise busy outfit, whereas herringbone would lend itself to a grander occasion. A two-piece herringbone suit would be perfect for a trip to the races, or failing that, a countryside wedding.


When it comes to tweed, grey is certainly the most versatile. A go-to for anybody, no matter your style. A fantastic colour to experiment with, it allows you to be significantly more adventurous with your additional accessories. In addition to being the most versatile colour of the bunch, grey can create a cool, off-duty look, making it ideal for both casual and high class affairs.

For a relaxed look opt for a grey marled blazer with the addition of shoulder or elbow patches in a contrasting colour, such as tan beige or light camel. This will help to add a rugged edge to a classic British silhouette. A superb choice for a dressed down weekend look, paired with dark wash denim jeans and a lightweight beige scarf in a cashmere or lambswool. Add a pair of soft suede driving shoes to complete the outfit.

Our Strap:

Smart Turnout Grey Herringbone Tweed Strap and Master Watch Silver

We recommend pairing our Grey Tweed Watch Strap with the Master Watch Silver and Black face. This pairing makes for a muted and masculine combination that would sit well next to a classic grey suit or a collarless black leather jacket.


Brown Herringbone tweed is a show-stopping choice, a go-to for large social gatherings or countryside events. The races are the perfect opportunity to break out a full herringbone number that will be sure to earn you best in show.

A common rule to follow when deciding to dress in full tweed attire is to reach for a 3-piece suit. Due to the busy texture of tweed it can often look harsh in contrast to a crisp shirt, adding the waistcoat creates a boundary between the blazer and shirt tying the outfit together and creating a cohesive effect. A single-breasted waistcoat lends itself to the heritage look and will avoid the abundance of fabric that it’s double breasted counterpart could cause. TOP TIP: Don’t forget to leave the bottom button undone, this will allow you to move with comfort throughout the day! Often tweed is laced with colours, pick out a subtle, neutral colour in the cloth and use this to influence your shirt choice – if the fabric has a pink undertone you could opt for a light pink shirt.

Our Strap:

Smart Turnout Grey Tweed Strap on Classic Watch

Our Brown Herringbone Strap looks fantastic paired with our Savant Rose Gold and White Watch face. The Savant Watch uses a traditional typeface on a teaked dial, giving it an Old English character that looks handsome alongside the earthy browns that are featured in the strap.


The perfect tweed choice for a smart slim fit trouser. The colour is understated enough to wear day to day, and the pattern allows for a statement that acts as a focal point of your outfit. When choosing a tweed trouser ensure they are well tailored to suit your frame. As tweed is a relatively weighty fabric, a size too big can hang strangely and take away from its beauty. Make sure to secure your trousers with a leather belt and match this to your brogues or loafers for cohesion. For the top, a simple shirt will do the trick. Layer with a merino wool sweater in a rich tone, such as maroon or chocolate. In the winter months you can opt for a stylish aviator jacket, think Tom Cruise in Top Gun – minus those patches!

Our Strap:

Smart Turnout Brown Herringbone Strap with Savant Rosegold Watch Face

Our Plain Grey Strap is a fantastic pairing for our Classic Watch. The brawny masculinity of the watch’s face looks great alongside the flecked black accents of the strap. A go-to for use day in, day out. This combination is smart enough for an office environment, but is also kitted out for some added adventure.

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