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Jul 16, 2018

Gone are the days of conventional weddings and although tradition is certainly not dead, we are seeing modern weddings breaking the ‘rules’ and introducing a host of more personal touches. Wedding venues are no longer limited to churches and marquees, people are venturing out and finding unique modern alternatives to put a spin on age-old tradition. So, with weddings constantly evolving and the possibilities being somewhat endless, why not experiment with your wedding ensemble and really make a mark on your big day? Neckwear, more specifically bow ties, can play a pivotal role in shaping your overall look. We have listed 4 things that you should consider when swapping out your generic bow tie to ensure you have one of the best wedding bow ties on the market.

1. Experiment with Texture

Fabric choice and texture are what really tie an outfit together. It is often too easy to reach for your trusted silk bow tie, especially on your wedding day. Granted, this can often be the best choice, however, it is all about weighing up the rest of your outfit and working towards ensuring the components all compliment another. A fantastic example of introducing texture to an outfit would be with a wool or cable knit bow tie. When opting for a wool blend or tweed suit a cable knit number can often be the perfect complementary piece, creating a more rustic and rural overall look and feel. Pairing a waffle knit bow tie with a linen suit for a more dressed down approach is great for summer or outdoor weddings.

Smart Turnout knitted and wool bow ties in navy red and green

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2. Express Yourself

Weddings are one of the very few days in your life that you can be wholeheartedly unashamed that it’s ALL ABOUT YOU! So, with that in mind, there is no shame in expressing yourself through your choice of wedding bow tie. Choosing one that represents something about your character is a great way to express yourself. Here at Smart Turnout we have a whole range of options, beautifully decorated with symbols and emblems that echo some of Britain’s favourite pastimes. If you are an avid golfer or a fan of sailing, why not show this with your neckwear? Opt for one of our characterful crested dickey bows for a touch of personality.

Far Left: Golf Cotton Bow Tie £39         Far Right: Racket Cotton Bow Tie £39

3. Wear Your Stripes with Pride with a Regimental Bow Tie

Smart Turnout is synonymous with some of the most prestigious and timeless colours of regiments, schools and universities across Britain and the world. What better way to wear your colours than on your wedding day? Regimental ties have been worn for years as a mark of pride and identity. Our regimental bow ties offer a unique alternative for your big day meaning you won’t have to compromise on style or self-identity.

Smart Turnout Household Cavalry Crested Bow Tie
Household Division Diamond Bow Tie £39

4. Tie Everything Together With a Splash of Colour

The best wedding bow ties are those that create a focal point and bring a real finishing touch to your outfit. Colour has the ability to amplify a monochromatic look or enhance already colour rich attire. Our Wellington Bow Tie would be the perfect addition to a black suit, with a black silk base it is finished with thin, multi-coloured stripes. The Wellington has enough colour to lift an otherwise flat base whilst maintain enough subtlety so as to not overpower the aesthetic.

Wellington Silk Bow Tie £39

Ensure to choose a colour scheme for your accessories, making an effort to carry any stand out colours through the entire ensemble. Everything from your pocket square to your socks, and of course, your neckwear should sport similar colours to give a cohesive and thought out feel.

Smart Turnout Yale Blue and White Wedding Bow Ties on Suit and Tie Fixation

Yale Silk Bow Tie £39

We hope you have enjoyed reading our picks for the Best Wedding Bow Ties. Please comment below your style tips for the big day.

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